вторични суровини метални отпадъци търговия вторични суровини

Metal Express was established in Varna in 2007 with 100 % Bulgarian capital. Currently there are three working bases, located in the cities of Varna and Razgrad with a combined area exceeding two thousand square meters. The sites, used for trading, collecting and processing of scrap were built and operate in accordance with the Waste Management Law.

The company has a good relationship with suppliers throughout the entire country and also holds several service contracts with companies and factories in the North – Eastern region of Bulgaria.

Our clients and suppliers, as well as our commercial partners in the country and abroad count on our loyalty, competitiveness and our ability to react and make decisions quickly. Our business has a direct impact on protecting the environment. The collection and processing of scrap leads to the reuse of raw materials in various sectors of the manufacturing industry, which saves a large amount of natural resources.

We specialize in scrap trading, as well as cleaning and transporting wastes from living-spaces, production sites and yards, dismantling and cutting into pieces of machinery and equipment. Our staff is motivated and well – prepared to our work’s specifications.

Objects of trade are: ferrous metals (iron, laminated iron and turnings), non – ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel and their alloys), as well as paper and plastic (PE, PVC, PP, nylon, glass alloys), and out-of-usage electrical and electronic equipment (computers, monitors, faxes, printers and many others), scrapped motor vehicles.